Cricket Betting With Betwinner: Betting Markets And Strategies

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Not surprisingly, the Bet winner app and other companies’ programmes offer Indian users different cricket betting options. Such bets have their own peculiarities and the bettor can use different strategies to increase the chances of winning.

Features Of Cricket Betting On The Betwinner Platform

Cricket is characterised by serious competition between the squads that compete in the championships. There are usually no clear-cut underdogs or favourites in cricket. For this reason, betting on a positive handicap can often bring winnings. This is especially true if bettors cause a lot of market congestion by placing a large number of bets on their favourite line-up.

Live predictions are very popular. This is due to the fact that the competition lasts an average of 25 hours. During this time, almost everyone can choose a suitable bet in the Betwinner app or other programme.

Cricket is characterised by its dependence on the weather. A downpour may not only postpone the match, but also change the format and regulations of the competition. It can also happen that it starts raining during the match, which changes the results.

Cricket is also often characterised by match-fixing. This phenomenon has been virtually eradicated in European countries, but it is still present in India and other parts of Asia. The results of matches can seriously differ from the strength of the opponents.

Significant differences in the regulations of different competitions is another feature of cricket. This may come as a surprise to first-time bettors. You can analyse the statistics of a certain line-up, but not take into account that the contest will be played in a different format, for example, with a reduced number of overs. This significantly reduces the chances of winning.

Cricket Betting Options At Betwinner India

The betting odds for different cricket matches vary considerably. It all depends on how popular the match is. Usually, there are always 3 marquees available to bettors:

  • Winner of the match;
  • Handicap on points;
  • Winner of the toss.

In popular matches, total, individual totals are available. In addition, after installing Betwinner.apk or similar software, you can bet on individual run totals in a particular over. The latter represents 6 innings of a particular cricketer.

For top competitions, where the best athletes compete, specific markets are provided:

  • Top batsman;
  • Better outcomes of certain partnerships;
  • Will they catch the first wicket of the match;
  • Will the top batsman score at least 50 runs;
  • Who will have the most early outs.

Betting on special marquees is worthwhile for those bettors who have an excellent understanding of the rules, the capabilities of each of the squads involved in the competition.

Betting Strategies For Indian Bettors

By installing Betwinner apk or a similar application, the user can place bets according to a specific system. This will give an opportunity to increase the chances of winning.

Making Predictions For The Draw

Betting on the draw is a popular tactic among beginners. It allows you to win with a 50% probability. Such predictions are similar to betting on the result of the contest. In addition, the bettor bets on which of the line-ups will bat first. It is also possible to predict the first bowler. Unlike football, where the toss is unimportant, in cricket betting the toss provides the line-up with a serious advantage.

Draws In Test Matches

In test matches, there is an equal chance that the line-up will win, lose or both participants will draw. In most other formats, the probability of a draw is low due to different scoring methods. Draw betting is usually not available in other formats. However, if such a market is available and the bettor makes a winning bet, a large prize is awarded.

Wagers On Different Types Of Formats

Cricket involves different formats of games: T20s, one-dayers, and Test matches. Depending on the format, the squads field different players. In a Test match, multiple predictions are available for the entire 5 days of the match.

The situation is different with other formats. For example, in one-dayers, bettors make predictions throughout the day. T20 games run for approximately 3.5 hours. During such a limited period, the companies accepting predictions offer users several markets with favourable quotes. A winning bet on a T20 match can earn good prizes.

Betting On Tournaments And Cups

Cricket is characterised by a large number of leagues. The Ashes, T20, Big Bash are often predicted in India. The competitions are held weekly, thanks to which a bettor can always place a favourable bet.

The essence of the strategy is to take into account how lineups score in specific leagues. For example, Australian teams perform well in most tournaments. South African squads are another matter, as they rarely ever perform well.

Betting On Athletes

Cricket provides the ability to predict not only the results of a contest, but also the performance of cricketers. For example, a number can be predicted:

  • Ranov;
  • Kalitok;
  • Catches;
  • Rans for a specific period;
  • Total runs over/under.

It is also possible to predict which athlete will be the best for the event. Such bets are quite difficult to predict. To correctly predict the performance of a particular cricketer, you need to understand the sports discipline, know the results of previous meetings, understand the essence of uncomfortable opponents. However, if such a bet wins, the user will receive an excellent prize.

You can start betting on cricket in India right now by performing a Betwinner download or installing a similar software. Once the software is installed, you can start following a specific betting strategy to maximise your chances of winning. The main thing to remember is to manage your bankroll properly so that you have enough money in your account to place a large number of bets.

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