IPL Tickets Hyderabad 2023 – Uppal Stadium Tickets Booking Online and Prices for IPL

IPL Tickets Hyderabad 2023 are in high demand for Indian Premier League 2023. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium is a cricket ground in Hyderabad, India. It is the home cricket ground of the Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL team. Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium tickets are required to watch live IPL matches in the stadium. Uppal Stadium tickets booking online is the best way to book Uppal Stadium tickets. It is a newly built cricket ground located in Uppal locality of Hyderabad. It is also known as Uppal Cricket Stadium. Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium was established in 2003. This stadium is equipped with floodlights for smooth hosting of day-night matches. IPL 12 Sunrisers home matches of IPL 2019 were hosted in this stadium. Uppal Stadium is spread over a large area of 16 acres and the seating capacity of the stadium is 60000. IPL 2020, 2021, and 2022 matches were not hosted here to Covid-19.
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium IPL Tickets Online

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium is owned and managed by Hyderabad Cricket Association. Indian Cricket Team, Hyderabad cricket team, and Sunrisers Hyderabad are the tenants of this stadium. The stadium pitch is known as batting friendly. Apart from the international fixtures, the IPL tournament is the most awaited cricket league among the residents of Hyderabad. Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL team is the most loved team among Hyderabad fans.

Uppal Stadium IPL Tickets Hyderabad

Before the start of the IPL season, people are looking for Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium tickets to watch IPL matches. IPL tickets for the SRH IPL team can be booked in online and offline mode. Both modes can fulfill the booking of Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium. People of Hyderabad and nearby areas will travel to this beautiful stadium to watch live IPL matches. Before purchasing match tickets, people prefer to look for Uppal Stadium ticket prices for IPL 2023. Below I am elaborating Uppal IPL ticket Hyderabad booking procedure in both modes.

Hyderabad Stadium IPL Tickets Online

Online tickets for Sunrisers Hyderabad tickets are available online on the PayTM/insider website. The site information is announced to the IPL officials a few days before the commencement of IPL 2023. Hyderabad IPL Tickets are available through insider.in. SRH IPL Tickets can be booked by selecting the seats from the virtual layout of the map. In online mode, visitors can choose seats of their choice from the comfort of their home or office. Many stand seats are put on online sales during the online booking process. Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium tickets are sold out for the lower denomination tickets.

Nowadays most stadium tickets are sold online to make the ticket booking process transparent and stop black marketing of these match tickets. After selecting the tickets, spectators need to make the full payment of the tickets which includes all taxes and convenience fee. The digital mode of payment is accepted after selecting the desired seats. Debit card, credit card, UPI, digital wallets and net banking payment modes are accepted. After the successful payment, an email and message confirmation would be sent to the registered mail ID and mobile number.

Home delivery of tickets are also provided by the sites for some specific pin codes. If a home delivery option is not available by the booking site, visitors need to exchange the online ticket print out from the original entry pass off the Uppal Stadium. Print outs are not valid for the entry. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium box office details are shared by the ticket booking site at the time of booking or later via an email on registered mail ID. Box office address and contact number will be shared later. Ticket booking started through the SRH official website too.

Hyderabad IPL Tickets Offline

Offline tickets are also available sometimes for the IPL 2023 matches, however, offline tickets are put less on sale as compared to online tickets. Offline tickets are generally available through Uppal stadium ticket counters, kiosks and other modes. Details of the offline ticket through Rajiv Gandhi International stadium ticket counter and other outlets will be updated after the official announcement. Original entry tickets of the stadium are made available through the stadium counters and these tickets are need not be exchanged. Offline tickets are hard to book due to limited availability and they are time-consuming because spectators need to leave their home or office to book these tickets for Indian Premier League season 16.

Uppal Stadium Retail Outlet Tickets 2023

Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium tickets might also be put on sale in offline mode through multiple retail outlets in Hyderabad city. A list of retail outlets will be shared soon.

Uppal Stadium Tickets Prices for IPL 2023

Ticket booking has been started and the ticket start from 499 Rs. IPL tickets price Hyderabad 2023 are in the affordable range to attract a large number of cricket fans. Lower-rate tickets are in high demand. Other ticket prices might be 781, 977, 1172, 1367, 1758, 1953, 3125, 3516, 5859, 9357, and 11719. The ticket is required for kids above 2 years of age. Below is the Uppal Stadium tickets price list for IPL 2023.

Uppal Stadium Stands IPL Tickets Price in Hyderabad
Starting Price ₹499
Kuhl Fans – South East Pavilion Second Terrace ₹781
South West Pavilion Second Terrace ₹781
South West Pavilion First Terrace ₹977
Kuhl Fans – South East Pavilion First Terrace ₹977
Ebixcash -East Pavilion Terrace BAY-1 First Floor ₹1172
Ebixcash -East Pavilion Terrace BAY-2 First Floor ₹1172
West Pavilion Terrace BAY-1-First Floor ₹1172
West Pavilion Terrace BAY-2 – First Floor ₹1172
BKT Tires – East Stand Ground Floor ₹1758
Kuhl Fans – West Pavilion Ground Floor ₹1758
BKT Tires – North Pavilion First Floor ₹3125
South West Pavilion First Floor ₹3516
Orange Army Lounge – North Pavilion East Ground Floor ₹5859
North East Second Floor Corp Boxes ₹9375
North West Second Floor Corp Boxes ₹9375
South West Second Floor Corp Boxes ₹11719
South East Second Floor Corp Boxes ₹11719
IPL Tickets Price in Hyderabad Uppal Stadium
IPL Tickets Price in Hyderabad Uppal Stadium 2023

Uppal Stadium Seating Arrangement and Map

Rajiv Gandhi cricket stadium seat layout is displayed below, it is useful for those who want to make their plan in advance and also helpful to locate the seats easily. This stadium guide will be helpful is also booking Uppal IPL Tickets. This site map is showing all the blocks and stands of the stadium along with all the major parts of the Uppal stadium. Nearby roads, entry gates, pavilions, pitch, etc. are clearly depicted in the map along with IPL seating maps and arrangements.

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium Seating Map Arrangement

Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium IPL Schedule

Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL Schedule 2023
Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL Schedule 2023

IPL 2023 Schedule of the Hyderabad cricket ground is out here, it is the home ground of the Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL team. The fixture of Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad stadium for IPL 2023 is displayed below after the official announcement. The full-time table shared by the IPL committee on 17 Feb 2023.

Home Team Away Team Day and Date Local Time
SRH RR Sunday 2 April 2023 03:30 PM
SRH PK Sunday 9 April 2023 07:30 PM
SRH MI Tuesday 18 April 2023 07:30 PM
SRH DC Monday 24 April 2023 07:30 PM
SRH KKR Thursday 4 May 2023 07:30 PM
SRH LSG Saturday 13 May 2023 03:30 PM
SRH RCB Thursday 18 May 2023 07:30 PM

General Guidelines

Some are the general guidelines which are almost same for all the cricket stadium of India, and these must be followed by every visitor for their own safety and players safety. Mobile phones and wallets are allowed inside the stadium and visitors are advised not to bring anything else in the stadium. Security officials will refrain the spectators who carry prohibited items in the stadium. Prohibited items list includes coins, mobile charger, data cables, cameras, binoculars, power banks, helmets, metal objects, sticks, helmets, match box, tobacco products, chewing gum, outside food items, earphones, headphones, etc. Baby food and diapers might be allowed after the proper checking. There are no counters for the safekeeping of prohibited items.

Tickets are valid for single entry and seat number, entry gate number, stand number, etc. are clearly specified on the ticket. Tickets are valid for the stand/pavilion written on the IPL entry tickets.


All the cricket stadium provides basic and modern facilities to their visitors. Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium is a newly built stadium and can accommodate 60000 spectators to watch the live action of IPL matches. Multiple washroom, food stalls, etc are operational during the cricket matches. Drinking water is also available inside the stadium. Parking facility is also available, however, it got full very early during the live matches. Coming here via private vehicles are not recommended due to heavy traffic in the vicinity during the IPL matches. Public transport should be used to reach the Uppal stadium.

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