Transfer Records in the Indian Super League

The ISL is the highest men’s soccer competition, and every player aspires to get into one of the teams participating in the tournament. 12 clubs participate in the qualifying games ending in March each year. At the end of the year, the 6 best teams that play for relegation are selected. Thus, the leader of the season is determined, the winner is awarded a W-Shield, and there is also a decent monetary reward. We can say that the goal of the club is to show the best results for the year and get a high place in this competition. It is not easy to achieve success, so every team needs to be strengthened. Statistics are kept that show which player brings more benefit and which one less. The club needs to acquire new players, hoping that they will strengthen the team. Transfers between clubs are called transfers, and it is possible to accept players from foreign teams, it is not prohibited. In this article, we will talk about the transfer regulations, analyze and try to find out how new players affect the results of teams. Let’s find out what economic impact such movements have, and also try to predict future trends in transfer policy.

The Biggest Transfers and Their Significance for the League

Transfers are not carried out all the time, they are possible only during the so-called “windows”, which are set by the AIFF organization; of course, FIFA approval is required. The first window opens in January, and the second in the summer months (from June 9 to September). The exchange of players is prohibited in the remaining months, but there are cases when it is possible to replace a player due to force majeure. For example, if a person is seriously ill or injured and has not been on the field for more than 60 days. The regulations also prescribe other reasons why the contract with the participant may be terminated unilaterally. Indian teams initially had a lot of 8-10 foreigners, but this value was decreasing, as the Football Federation of India is interested in increasing the number of Indian players in the team, as this contributes to the development of national sports. We remind you that before placing a bet on a Super League match, you should register on the off-site and make 1Win login, then go to the betting section and read the table. Currently, it is allowed to keep no more than 6 foreigners in the club with a maximum number of 35 members, as well as 3 goalkeepers. An injured Indian can get a replacement. 4 out of 35 players must be under the age of 21, this obligation was issued by the FSDL organization. Transfers enhance the game of the teams, and therefore are of great importance for the league as a whole. Let’s list some promising scorers that were bought abroad:

  • Roy Krishna.
  • Clayton Silva.
  • Hugo Bumus.
  • Diego Mauricio.

Analyzing the Impact of Star Acquisitions on Teams

B. O. Ogbeche is the most stellar acquisition of the Indian Super League. Bartholomew joined the Indian Super League in 2018, where he started at the NEU club. Next, the player changed Indian clubs, but always remained in the top division. It should be remembered that in the 19-20 season, he scored the most goals while on the Kerala Blasters team. In 20, he moved to Mumbai City. In the 21-22 season, he played for the Hyderabad team and led it to the championship, becoming the top scorer, scoring 49 goals. This Nigerian athlete has greatly influenced national football and has repeatedly demonstrated to local football players how to act in attack. Outside of clubs, Ogbeche plays for the Nigerian national team, he made his last appearance in 2022, scoring two goals for Ireland. The player holds an important position in Indian football. Thanks to his goals, 4 clubs were able to climb the standings and achieve good results.

Economic Impact on Indian Football

Some famous football players come to Indian clubs because salaries are higher here. Club owners believe that there is no need to skimp when it comes to players of the highest class. Every team should have a charismatic leader and a scorer who can bring points even in the most difficult matches. Of course, the purchased players should pay off. Most often, such deals turn out to be profitable, and the stars really bring a lot of profit. It is important to create comfortable living conditions for such players: if they like India, they are very likely to continue their career here.

Trends and the Future of Transfer Policy

If you look at the statistics, you can see that the transfer policy continues to bring success. At the same time, the number of possible foreigners in the teams is reduced. Now you can have no more than 6 foreigners in the club, this contributes to the development of national football. It makes sense to buy only those players who want to play in India and bring glory to local teams. Some stars stay in the Super League for a long time, moving from club to club.

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