Why Play Fantasy Cricket During Indian T20 Leagues?

Though online gaming has always remained the best part of refreshment for youngsters, the Covid phase has driven people from other age groups to enjoy the virtual games and entertain themselves. So, whether it is a kid or a mid-aged man, multiple online games are there to ensure none of them remains devoid of this experience at any cost.

In a recent report, Deloitte India stated that the online gaming industry is believed to grow at a CAGR of 40%, accounting for $2.8 billion in 2022, which is $1.1 billion more than its revenue in 2019. While all other games are also opted for by the people to enjoy, ‘fantasy sports’ is the category that serves to be the favorite of everyone.

The fantasy sports category introduces many games under its label, including football, kabaddi, etc. However, the game that is found synonymous with fantasy sports is the only fantasy cricket. In the times of Indian T20 Leagues, more and more people look forward to watching the match on television, but the fantasy world has allowed them to be a part of those games.

While playing fantasy cricket can be considered the best pastime for individuals, other reasons also make it a must for cricket lovers to get involved in. Here is a list of reasons to play fantasy cricket during Indian T20 games:

Why T20 league?

Before delving into other reasons, let’s explore why not to miss associating with the Indian T20 league. The T20 league highly influences the sports market. In the case of the online fantasy world, however, the games help pull thousands of sponsors. While other games in town can virtually entertain a crowd, cricket is the most sought-after game, with more gamers interested in collaborating with its fantasy version.

The best part is that these sponsorships impose a significant impact on even non-cricket lovers. It is because of the involvement of their favorite Bollywood celebrities. Thus, the adverts reach both cricket and non-cricket fans, simultaneously showing huge and practical effects.

Keep attached

The cricket fans and lovers surely miss playing cricket in the fields and their gullies during the weekends. However, through fantasy cricket, they get a chance to remain connected with their favorite sports. Especially in India, cricket is not just a game; it’s an emotion. Thus, allowing sports lovers to connect with their feelings virtually is one of the best online gaming platforms have done.

While you miss watching the sports on your TV screens, it has brought your craze right in front of your portable device for you to join and involve immediately. So, register with the online gaming platforms today and stay attached to your sports and the teams until things normalize and you get to see the players performing on the pitch.

Real-time involvement

Do you remember the online cricket games where you had to tap the bat to hit the ball with the force you wanted?

No, fantasy cricket is not similar to that. When you are in the world of fantasy, you get the chance to involve in the games already scheduled for the day. You can select your players for the team. You can have teams with players you desire. Based on their performances on the pitch, you will earn points. It is expected that you choose a captain and vice-captain carefully. It is because the points they make would be count as 2x and 1.5x respectively in the game. Thus, select the ones who will assure you of earning more and more points through their performance.

One thing that you need to ensure is that cricket is not only about the batsmen. You also have to think about the bowlers and fielders to include. After all, there are points for taking the catch and for the bails down. Thus, focus equally on selecting good bowlers and fielders. The team that is balanced with both is the team that is more likely to win.

Enhance skills

If you think just choosing a team will be enough for you to win the game, you are mistaken. You have to have proper skills as a cricket fan to take control of fantasy sports. Understanding the pitch and having a clear idea about what kind of pitch would be suitable for what kind of game is a must. Accordingly, you can choose the players. Why? It is because a standard bowler will never fit in the pitch where spins work. Thus, it is expected for players to be conscious in choosing the best fits.

Mode of entertainment

Though fantasy cricket was introduced in 2001, it gained momentum only during the sudden lockdown due to Covid-19. The only reason behind this is a whole lot of entertainment it offers. However, in recent times, when everyone is stuck at home, it is difficult for cricket lovers to remain locked inside without having anything related to cricket to cherish.

Today, websites and apps have brought the game to the mobile phone screens in the form of fantasy cricket. Being at home, you can get involved in the games that are happening around the world. The T20 leagues are shorter, and hence you can easily find time to engage in these sports for entertainment. After all, you miss your game.

Multiple gaming websites and apps are there that make the fantasy cricket game available to players. You need to register on the sites and start playing. The more you earn using your cricket skills and strategies, the higher your chance to win cash prizes. The more skilled ones will earn more points, and more points would mean a better cash prize. Thus, before you involve in the fantasy cricket game of T20, make sure you polish your skills and strategies one more time. It will make sure a sure-shot winner.

Register and start playing today!

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