What is a handicap in betting?

Many Indian players constantly play and bet at different casinos. Not all of them can combine gambling and sports betting, but a huge number of users are already using the Casumo online casino. Online casino Casumo is one of the best Indian online casinos where users can gamble and bet on various sports events and disciplines. Officially Casumo appeared on the gambling entertainment market in 2012 and operates with the gaming license obtained from the Malta Gambling Commission.

At Casumo, all Indian users can find plenty of gambling and betting on disciplines such as: hockey, cricket, soccer, tennis and many others. In total, there are about 10 sports disciplines available in Casumo online casino and in each you can find more than 20 sports events available for betting. In addition Casumo offers all kinds of sports betting.

All users can bet on the forums, express, double odds, bets on the exact score and many others. Variety bets greatly increase the chance of winning and in Casumo you will be able to win quickly and easily. In addition to all of the above, this casino can give users a comfortable gaming experience. Thanks to the excellent design and navigation of the gaming site, users can switch from casino to sports betting in a couple of seconds, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

All this, but also a nice welcome bonus for sports betting will become available after registration at Casumo online casino. Below we take a closer look at the types of sports betting and how to make your first bet.

Types of bets at online casinos Casumo

As we wrote above on the Casumo gaming site, all users can start betting on sports and use different types of bets. This is indeed true and in Casumo all users have access to bets and types of sports betting. Among them, you can find the most famous ones such as: betting on forfeit, betting on the exact score, Asian Handicap and others. But since not everybody knows about the different kinds of bets, we would like to help and tell a little bit about the most important types of bets available in Casumo. Below you can find information about types of bets on sports.

  • Bet on a handicap. There is a huge variety of bets on head start. But the most popular of them is the classic handicap bet. A head start is a bet in which points are added or subtracted to the account of the selected team. Here everything is simple and all you need to win is for your team to win with a certain difference in the end.
  • Accuracy Bets. This kind of bet is suitable for lucky users. All you need is to predict the exact score of any match. Most often this bet is used in soccer matches and has high odds.
  • Asian Handicap. This type of bet is suitable for users knowledgeable in sports. An Asian handicap is a bet that uses quarters and the bet is divided into two fractions. Each fraction is automatically bet on the closest handicap value. A bet is considered to be winning, if two fractions of the handicap turn out to be winning.
  • Betting on an outcome. This type of bets is familiar to many people. With Outcome bets all that is required from the users is to guess which team will win and which one will lose. A bet is considered a winning one if you correctly guess the outcome of the selected match.

As you can see, sports betting is interesting and not at all easy. At Casumo online casino all users can use any types of bets and make money on sporting events.

How to bet on sports at Casumo online casino?

After you have learned about the types of bets we would like to tell you about how to bet on sports at Casumo. It is extremely easy and you can bet on any sporting event in a few seconds. In order that you do not have problems with betting on sports in Casumo below will be instructions for betting in this online casino.

  1. Sports in Casumo. If you are a registered user and you have money on your balance, you need to select the section Sports. Make it being on the main page Casumo online casino Casumo.
  2. Select the discipline and the event. After you have opened the Sports section select the appropriate sports discipline. Once you have selected the discipline select any available sporting event.
  3. Once you select the correct sporting event you have to place your bet. Specify the sum of the bet and confirm it. After that from your balance will be deducted funds which you put on the sport event.

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