The interesting Single Wicket Cricket

Cricket is a sport that can adopt many forms, shapes and formats. Betting on any of them is absolutely possible by going to the fantastic betting platform.

Perhaps most fans of the game are already well-familiarized with Test matches, One-Day Internationals and Twenty20. However, there is another format of the discipline that doesn’t need teams to be played in an entertaining manner. In fact, it is possible for only two individuals, plus a few fielders to play and enjoy it. This corresponds to single wicket cricket.

As it can be seen, cricket is an exciting sport, and the 1xBet website offers chances to wager on many of its different formats.

A different form of cricket

Single wicket cricket is very different to the more massive forms of the discipline. It is possible to make the best bet cricket on 1xBet, which can be used for placing wagers at major cricket matches.

While there are many variations, most of the matches of this game work like this. There are two players in the middle of the field who bat and bowl like in other cricket matches. At the same time, there are fielders that do the same job that they normally perform in other formats of the game.

The main difference with other formats of the discipline is that at the end of an innings, the same fielders stay in the field. They always play on the side of the player that is bowling. In other words, it can be said that the fielders change sides whenever an innings finishes. Currently, on 1xBet it is possible to make the best cricket bets on all major formats of the sport.

A highly competitive former variation

Interest in this form of the game has persisted over the years. However, the format has lost its appeal for becoming a competitive variation of the discipline. Whenever major cricket competitions are being contested, make sure to visit the platform.

Single wicket cricket had its best moments during the 18th century. In fact, it was a highly competitive format in England during those years. There were some great players that became cricket legends who also played many single wicket matches. Some of the most illustrious names are:

  • Robert Colchin;
  • Stephen Dingate;
  • Tom Faulkner;
  • and Thomas Waymark.

By the end of the 1700s, the game had experienced a decline in popularity. However, it revived for the mid 19th century, where another group of great players also became famous for playing this format of the game.

There was another wave of popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. However, for now it has declined once again. If this form of cricket rises again, make sure to wager on its matches at the great 1xBet betting platform.