The Biggest Cricket League in the World – IPL and Other Leagues

Cricket is one of the most interesting and exotic sports in the world. Sure it’s not so popular as soccer or basketball in most countries but here in India cricket is the discipline NO.1. One of the main cricket betting advantages is that there are lots of tournaments and matches that you can bet on. You can find national and international events in every sportsbook’s line so there is will be no problem with the profitable betting.

But before making your first bet on a cricket match learn all the main rules of this sport and the regulation of the chosen tournament. Check the biggest cricket league in the world on this page below to find the best event for betting. It should be noticed that there are many cricket leagues in the world but not all of them are the same important. That’s why it’s better to read some information about main leagues before making the first bet. On this page below you will find some basic information about the TOP-rated league that you can bet on today. Here is a shortlist of its:

  • IPL;
  • T20;
  • PSL;
  • KFC Big Bash League;
  • Bangladesh Premier league;
  • CPL;
  • LPL;
  • Afghanistan Premier League!

For sure that every league is the most popular in its own country (for example IPL in India). That’s why it’s better to choose the league from your region or find the most simple for yourself. About the IPL there are tons of information on the internet because this league is also one of the richest in the world. The brand value was more than $6.3b a few years before and it’s still growing. The IPL signed a few really expensive contracts with title sponsors that were worth more than $341m.

TOP Leagues – Main Leagues for Cricket Betting Fans

PSL (Pakistan Super League) is one more from the biggest and richest list. Now the prize is about Rs 3.67 crore and the league is contested by six teams. Every team is presented with its own city so during the competition you can see different strategies and the teamwork efficiency. There is some interesting peculiarity of this league because here each franchise is owned by investors. It’s also the main reason for such big popularity of PSL because there is every team has some really great motivation for winning in every match.

Big Bash League is one of the newest on this list because it was established only in 2011. This is an Australian professional cricket league where you can see all the most famous cricketers in the world. Every year this KFC Big Bash League (the second name of it) becomes more popular but still, it is behind the IPL in the next few years this also can be changed.

BPL is the Bangladesh Premier League that was established in 2012 but there are only 7 seasons in the last 9 years. The max prize money here was about USD 236,099. That’s why it is popular, is still not so high as in all other leagues. It is even less than the Afghanistan Premier League Prize where teams could get USD 300,000.

Caribbean Premier (CPL) and Sri Lanka’s Leagues are the last two biggest in the world today. The winning prize there never been more than USD 100,000.

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