Betting On Cryptocurrencies 10cric: The Volatile World Of Crypto Wagering

Cryptocurrency betting is becoming increasingly popular with betting and online casino enthusiasts. Powerful and reliable platforms such as 10Cric casino allow you to make deposits and withdrawals not only in fiat, but also in cryptocurrency. This is a very fast, maximally secure, and confidential way of settlement, which more and more players are choosing to use.

Main Features Of Cryptocurrency Betting

The cryptocurrency betting process at 10Cric India is no different from standard sports and cyber sports betting and online casino games. When you deposit in your chosen cryptocurrency, the amount is converted into your chosen in-game currency, such as Indian rupees. This is the most convenient option according to Indian players. In addition, various global betting sites have the following cryptocurrency betting options:

  • Use of own tokens, when the service offers a unique blockchain coin to settle all bets (its rate is set by the platform, or tied to the bitcoin, stablecoin rate);
  • Keeping the deposit in the user’s cryptocurrency, when the calculation of bets is done in the same coin with which the user made the deposit (usually a cryptocurrency exchange is provided inside such platforms);
  • Using a single token or group of coins to hold a deposit and calculate bets (the user needs to top up in one of these coins).

All of these methods require the use of cryptocurrency for in-game payments, which many players find unfamiliar. TenCric offers to bet and play at online casinos using dollars or rupees to settle bets, while payment transactions are made in cryptocurrency. In this case, the exchange occurs at the current rate, without delays and unnecessary commissions.

Another important feature of cryptocurrencies is their high volatility. The rate of a particular digital coin can seriously rise or fall in a very short time. This should be taken into account when using it in betting.

If a platform exchanges your coins for its token, it is important to know what the exchange rate of that token is based on and how its value relates to the most popular coins on the market. If the cryptocurrency is exchanged for domestic fiat, you should consider the exchange rate of your coin to the dollar, Indian rupee, or other currency used on the site.

How To Make A Deposit And Withdraw Cryptocurrency At 10cric India

Topping up 10Cric India’s cryptocurrency balance is as easy and quick as it is with cards or online banking tools. It is done in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the official website of 10Cric India and register;
  2. Log in to your 10Cric login and open the account management section by clicking on the “Deposit” button;
  3. From the list of available payment methods, select the desired cryptocurrency;
  4. Enter the recharge amount and confirm the payment to receive the details or QR code;
  5. Make a payment to the specified cryptocurrency address in your crypto wallet with the amount specified on the payment page (if your crypto wallet supports QR payments, you can use the QR code shown on the payment screen).

Once the payment is made, the amount in Indian Rupees will appear on the balance. The in-game currency is selected in the 10 Cric login settings. Cryptocurrency to in-game fiat is exchanged at the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

When registering you can also enter 10Cric bonus code in the appropriate field if you have it. Then when you top up you will receive a bonus as part of the promotion.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals are available to all players who have confirmed their identity with documents. To withdraw funds, go to the payment transactions section, click on the “Withdrawal” button, select the withdrawal method and enter the amount. Soon after confirming the operation, the funds will arrive on your cryptocurrency wallet.

Main Advantages Of Cryptocurrency In Betting

Cryptocurrencies are bringing significant changes to the world of betting. More and more users of popular gambling platforms are choosing digital coins for payments. 10Cric reviews from players in open sources talk about the following pros:

  • High level of security and anonymity due to decentralization, no external control by banks;
  • Fast transactions within minutes;
  • There is no danger of being blocked when depositing or withdrawing large sums;
  • Lower fees compared to traditional payment methods;
  • Global access to your cryptocurrency wallet from anywhere in the world without any territorial restrictions.

The combination of such benefits makes cryptocurrency payments a great settlement option for all betting and casino gaming enthusiasts. Use it without restrictions at 10Cric India.

Tips For Punters When Using Cryptocurrency In Betting

In conclusion, 10Cric casino players will benefit from some recommendations from experienced cryptocurrency bettors. This will help to avoid possible problems and unnecessary spending:

  • Be careful with volatility, as the exchange rate of many digital coins is very volatile, so between deposit and withdrawal, the actual value of the coin can change significantly;
  • Use cold cryptocurrency wallets to settle payments with casinos, as exchanges may impose various restrictions on transfers;
  • Withdraw regularly if you keep your money in cryptocurrency as 10Cric casino balance stores funds in fiat (dollars, Indian rupees) without conversion at the exchange rate;
  • Carefully check details when making payments, do not add blockchain addresses manually, copy them or use QR codes, because if an error is made, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

Following these simple rules will give you better control over your cryptocurrency money and your 10Cric India account. Pay as you please, play with pleasure, and withdraw big winnings.


Cryptocurrencies are a fast and convenient payment tool for betting platforms. 10Cric India makes it quick and easy to make cryptocurrency deposits and withdraw your winnings to your cryptocurrency wallet. Sign up now and get a welcome bonus of up to ₹100,000. Have fun playing!

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